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For:  Adults,   Seniors,  Teens


We offer session-based weekly Yoga classes.
We also offer workshops, seminars, private and semi-private classes, as requested.

(1) Beginner/Gentle Yoga 

Saturdays, 7:45-8:45 am.
Age group: 15-90
This is a beginner level practice, perfect for those new to Yoga, are returning to Yoga after a break, or who would like to practice yoga at a level appropriate for them. Each class includes a gentle but complete asana practice, breathing, relaxation and meditation. It is designed to improve flexibility, increase mobility of every major joint, release stress, and energize every system in the body. It removes backache and other pains in the body, improves immunity, and promotes a sense of peace and well being.

(2) Intro to Meditation

Saturdays, 9:10-10:15 am (starting June 1st, 2019)
Age group: 15+
This is a self-enquiry meditation, following a step-by-step method leading from self-awareness and relaxation to stillness of mind, self-knowledge, and a feeling of freedom and peace.

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