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About Us

YogEssence is a part of India International School (IIS), a cultural center founded in northern Virginia more than 30 years back. It offers classes in sciences and arts from India, and Yoga was one of the first classes offered at the Center.
We teach Integral Yoga in the authentic traditional way. It is based on Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation, Relaxation, and also incorporates other yogic practices such as kriyas, mudras, bandhas and Yoga Nidra.
Our focus is to teach the correct way of practicing Yoga, and to make it accessible to all using modifications or props if needed.

We encourage students to develop a regular home practice, and help them on their path to vibrant health, clarity of mind, and inner peace.

Students say...

"I have been attending Poonam's Yoga lessons for couple of years now. It is a complete yoga experience where she teaches not just the yoga poses, but also gives useful tips on how to adopt yoga as a lifestyle. She tell the details about each pose and stresses on proper breathing during the pose. She remembers each attendee's physical limitation (if any) and suggests alternate ways of doing a pose to them. Each class includes exercises for all parts of the body, and the progression of poses in a class seems to have a natural flow that makes it easy and enjoyable. I am so lucky to have found Poonam as my yoga instructor. Her techniques have helped me learn the yoga poses, and her own calmness gives me a sense of inner peace."
 -- Surabhi T.

"The class is the perfect level and intensity of yoga for me! Most  valuable were the balance and twisting poses, and the thoughtful approach. It has benefited me with calmness, ability to focus, and flexibility. Thank you, Poonam! Enjoyed the course very much!
 -- Karen K.

“A big Thank you to you. I found your techniques to be very powerful, and your passion towards life and spirituality to be genuine and inspiring. It’s a wonderful, trusting and caring learning environment with you. I gained flexibility, thanks to your support, and your help with seemingly impossible poses. You have a wonderful way of teaching, with an amazing amount of knowledge and sensitivity.”  -- Sangeeta S.

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